Fiona Apple

I don't buy your true life stories
'cause I've seen the way you lie
but I don't mind the things you tell me
because I know we'll say anything to get by
but when we're together
somehow I feel better
my disease always tricks me
I believe you can fix me
you're insane
I love the drama
tell the truth
you love it too, I know you do?
reason strikes
we fight and break up
'cause it seems
the easiest thing to do
but when I don't get your call
I go into withdrawal
you consume every thought
but if you called I would tell you to get lost
I need you like a drug
I need you, I need you like a
I need you, I need you like a
My reach is global
My tower secure
My cause is noble
My power is pure
7.7.08 23:25

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